All about memories

A few months ago Adobe invited nine photographers to their Creative Jam Session in Berlin. We all received a task at 6:00 in the morning and were given twelve hours to create three images for presentation to the juries and the audience. 

Although I didn't take one photo in those twelve hours, I won the people's choice award. 
Thank you, Adobe, for the opportunity!

This is not a new photo. This is 30,000 photos—my memories, every important and banal moment of my life from the last eight years stored on my phone —merged into one image.
I’m interested in the ephemerality of data, both digital and mental; each time a file is copied there is some data loss. Data fades as memory fades. I’ve created a photoshop action which explores this concept. The action takes the file of merged photos and resizes and copies it hundreds upon hundreds of times. The result is something abstract; an Abstract of Memories. 

Source: http://behance.net/gallery/73694433/All-ab...